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Telehealth Appointments

Telehealth is becoming increasingly popular for the convenience and ease it offers in accessing counselling from anywhere you are, with a Psychologist of your choice.

And it's effective!

Emerging research suggests telehealth is comparable in therapeutic effectiveness to traditional face to face sessions. 

Many clients report telehealth sessions feel just as helpful as face to face counselling, with the added benefits of not needing to ask for time off work or find a babysitter to be able to attend a session.

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Preparing for your Telehealth Appointment

It is important to consider the space you will be located in while attending your telehealth session.

Some common places clients choose for a telehealth session are; at home in your bedroom, loungeroom, home office, or backyard, in a private meeting room at work, or an outdoor space such as a park. Some clients where appropriate even access a session on the telephone while walking in nature. 

It is important to choose a space that is confidential and quiet, that feels calm and comfortable for you, and that is free of distractions.

A space where you can talk freely, have access to water, pen and paper, and tissues  if needed is most helpful.

Your Psychologist will discuss with you any recommendations or concerns relating to your chosen telehealth space depending on your individual treatment needs. 

Please ensure you have access to reliable WIFI or phone reception for the duration of your session. Technology can be disruptive and impact the time spent focusing on you. These disruptions are easily avoided with a little preparation.  

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Face to face Telehealth via online video platform Coviu

Online face to face sessions with our Psychologists are provided via Coviu;  a secure, online, confidential platform designed for allied health professionals and their clients. 

A link to your Psychologists virtual consulting room will be emailed to you prior to your appointment.


Coviu is free to use for our clients and is quick and relatively easy to log in to.  

It is recommended you try accessing the link emailed to you prior to your session. This will help you familiarise yourself with the virtual consulting room and how the platform works.

Please contact your Psychologist the day before your scheduled session if you have any difficulties or questions accessing Coviu. 

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Telephone Appointment 

Your Psychologist will phone you on a Private Number at the time of your appointment.

Please ensure that you have access to reliable phone reception for the duration of your session.


It is recommended headphones are used. This will enable you to relax your body into a comfortable position for your session.  

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